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Have you ever asked yourself?

Have you ever had crazy ideas?

On our organized hikes, single hikers and hiking groups (consisting of at least five (5) persons) can participate.

We are pleased about the participation of interested and motivated marchers and hikers as well as participants from the military, police, rescue and emergency services and other associations. You rather walk instead of walking? Even then we offer you your challenge. Runners are also welcome at our events. Read more in the FAQ.








We are currently organizing march events in Oldenburg and Hamburg.


2. Hamburger Urban Marsch
1000 limited places
3. Oldenburger Zwei Tage Marsch
1000 limited places
We have created a possibility for you. 
2. Chauken-Marsch
250 limited places
110km in 27,5 hours? For the second time, we are hosting your real challengefor body, mind and soul.
We have created a possibility for you. 


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Hamburg-Marsch Oldenburg-Marsch Chauken-Marsch
2.Hamburger Urban 3.Oldenburger 2.Chauken
29.06.2019 bis 30.06.2019 29.06.2019
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We are since 01. Juli 2018 domineering member of Deutschen Volkssportverband e.V. with the membernumber 18/2139.
Our Events are rate for the International Federation of popular sports. 
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