Ticket Hamburg

Ticket Hamburg

Here you can purchase all of the tickets currently available for the Hamburg hike. You will see two types of prices: the price with a line through it, and the lowest price. The lowest price is reserved for youth. The price with a line through it is what you’ll pay shortly before the hike starts. After you have chosen your route, you will see two dropdown menus. You will choose both your hiking locale.
If you want order a T-Shirt for the Hamburg hike, visit the Merchandise area and put a T-Shirt in your shopping cart before order a ticket.

Ticketfee for the maximum distance 55km for a ticket without discount options, the 40km distance and the 25km distance is cheaper:

Maximum participants: 1000

250 Early Bird Tickets. Save up to 40%.


You can only pay with paypal or creditcard. For all other payments use our cooperation partner FITFOX by SPORTSCHECK.

You can find it here: click