Eligibility requirements


(1) A hike organized by Nord-Marsch Sportevents (hereafter referred to as „event“) is being operated by Nord-Marsch Sportevents UG (limited liability) (hereafter referred to as „organizer“). The principal office is at the following: Nord-Marsch Sportevents UG (limited liability), Hermannstr. 69, 26135 Oldenburg.

(2) The sole contractual partner of all participants is Nord-Marsch Sportevents UG (limited liability).

(3) A participant is a healthy person who participates in an event.

(4) An interested party is a healthy person who would like to participate in an event.

§1 Scope of application

(1) These eligibility requirements regulate the material legal relationship (organizational contract) between a participant and the organizer.

(2) The organizational contract is in effect if the organizer sends an email to an interested party with a receipt of payment for registration for an event.

§2 Eligibility requirements and health of participants

(1) The organizer publishes the eligibility requirements on the website (www.nord-marsch.de) and invites only healthy (according to the persons’ own subjective perception) persons to participate—who are of sound mind and body—to undertake this type of athletic activity. It is clearly communicated that any participant may back out at any time and stay and hike in groups. Participants who are not in sound physical condition and also have mental issues are advised clearly not to participate. Each participant must possess a certain basic athletic ability and is responsible for him/herself and his/her well-being.

(2) The participant assumes responsibility for him/herself by acknowledging the existence of healthy conditions for participation. Where necessary (and in cases of uncertainty), the participant should consult the advice of a licensed medical doctor to ascertain the condition of his/her health.

(3) In order to participate in an event, a healthy person must have reached his/her 18th birthday by the starting time of the event, or be between the ages of 12 and 18 and be accompanied by an adult.

(4) Starting fees for participation in an event will be raised for the organization hosting the event. Further detail and breakdown of the use of starting monies can be found at www.nord-marsch.de.

(5) Every participant is responsible for obeying and following all traffic regulations at every event.

§3 Personal right and data protection

(1) The participant understands upon registration that photographs, videos and interviews—(both in print and in social media) taken during the course of the event—may be published and distributed without the participant’s consent.

(2) The participant understands that personal information (name, age, starting number, etc.) will be published in all media related to the event in which he/she participants.

(3) The participant understands that upon registration, he/she will receive a newsletter for the event. This is necessary for providing participants with information related to food stations, opening times and other information. Furthermore, the participants understands that his/her personal information (email address, first name, last name) will be saved in the email provider used by the organizer. Personal information will not be shared with third parties and used solely for purposes related to the event.

§4 Disclaimer

(1) The organizer will not be held liable for health risks to persons that may result from participation.

(2) The organizer will not be held liable for the personal belongings of participants or additional bystanders.

(3) Should the organizer be obligated to alter or cancel the event in cases of an act of nature, God, or danger (e.g. civil authorities’ decree, severe weather, threat of terrorism, fire), the organizer is not obligated to refund registration fees (tickets), and there can be no claim for damages.

(4) The organizer will not be held liable for damages resulting from injury to the body, the life or the health of participants.

§5 Limitation of liability

(1) The right of participants to claim damages or replacement of lost expenditures is based on the regulations under §4 of the eligibility


§6 Cancellation

According to § 312 b of the German Civil Code, event registrations are excluded from exchange, refund and revocation

§7 Routes

The organizer reserves the right to change the stated hiking routes at any time. Reasons might include city layouts, weather conditions or better planning potential. Possible changes will be shared via email.

§8 Restriction from event participation

The organizer reserves the right to restrict the participation of participants who do not handle themselves responsibly before and/or during the event. Possible reasons may include, but are not limited to, the following: inadequate equipment, consumption of alcohol, consumption of illegal drugs, injuries, littering and/or the endangerment of others.

German law prevails.

Jurisdiction is Oldenburg.