4. Oldenburg Marsch

4. Oldenburg Marsch




About the route:
The medical service on the route is provided by the DRK Kreisgruppe Oldenburg. So if you ever have problems, you can easily contact the paramedics who will be placed at selected catering points.The routes are designed so that you will see something completely different on the first day than on the second day. The 25 km marcher runs a kind of circle. The 40 km and 55 km marchers also run this circuit, but turn off at a certain point and go on the 40 km route and continue together with the 55 km marchers. A little later, the 55 km marchers leave the 40 km marchers and continue on their own route to return to the track on the 40 km route and, together with the 40 km marchers, return to the 25 km circuit a little later. You can understand that very well, where are the separations and unions of the marching tracks, if you zoom in and out on the different tracks below. We've provided the links to the individual routes via komoot below. Here you will find the link where we provide you with offline maps and GPS tracks. The GPS tracks will be updated before the start again after consultation of the traffic authority, if there are short-term changes due to construction sites, etc., so you are always on the right track. We will inform you about changes or the maintenance of the route by newsletter and notice at the start and by email. If you come from outside, check out our page for overnight stays in and around Oldenburg.



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