*About us*

About us:





Nord-Marsch Sportevents is Steffen and Bastian, as well as several other dedicated people behind the scenes. We wanted to organize hikes because we prefer to walk wherever we’re going. So far we’ve left our tracks in Germany, Netherland, Belgium and Denmark. All together we’ve accumulated nearly 10,000 km doing organized hikes. Whether 200 km over 4 days or 100 km in 24 hours, we’ve challenged ourselves to everything in between. Nothing kept us from our goals: neither unbearable heat nor stormy winds, poorly marked nor perfectly laid out routes, darkness nor our own minds. Unfortunately, sometimes our own feet have caused us to stumble a bit. What’s remained of primary importance, however, is our will to succeed and our community.

It is sometimes the case that after hours of inner discussion—between the body and the mind—an encouraging word or a cynical comment from a fellow hiker opens up new, unexpected reserves of strength.

In the hopes that we might spare you the obstacles we’ve outlined above (the majority of the events we attended were decent to good), we hope to share with you our collective wisdom and experience. Your wellbeing is our motto and highest objective. The Nord-Marsch standard is that you go home satisfied, regardless of whether or not you completed the distance you chose. We

understand that this experience is about the intangibles, but rest assured that at every event, we’re behind you every step of the way!

See you soon,

Steffen and Bastian and all other members of our team.